Saturday, May 4, 2013

May for "Love!"

MAY for "LOVE!"
 May is a time for the reawakening the heart to feel the flutter of the butterflies within the newness of life...
 See with eyes that perceive the beauty that surrounds you....
 Hear with ears that hear beyond the natural sounds of life to the hidden sounds of love that is voiced through the vocal chords of God's creations...

 Smell the scents of the Divine Presence of a God of love and the God of such array of beautification of all things, that the scents of divine life and love that follows you, overtake you...
Taste with the notion that God Himself created our tastebuds for pleasure, and the enjoyment of the sweetness of His Love for the vastness of His intent to please His creation, Mankind.....
Lastly, the gift of touch He has given to allow Mankind to be touched with the sensation of comfort, warmth, and connection that pleasures us to peace.....
God, our Heavenly Father has given gifts of love in our everyday life  May we become more aware of His gifts and be thankful.........

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"To Show Forth My Glory"

"Do you not understand it is I that makes the sun give light and the Earth that rotates around it to give warmth?  I am The Giver of Life , I am The Eternal Light,   It is by Me that you see the face of the one you love before you.  I am The Sustainer of everything that pulsates with the life I have given it, from the flowers of the field, to the mighty elephants in the plains of Africa."

"You are in My sight, saith the Lord, I am the One that keeps you on this Earth in the Light of My Presence .  You are the apple of My Eye.  You are ever before Me and I have brought you here to show forth My Glory in the Earth. It is through you that My Light shines in the darkness.  Your life will bring you peace , your life will bring you joy, and your life will bring you love."  

"You will reach out in peace, you will reach out in joy, and you will reach out in love!  Can you see it?  It is time to allow Me to heal the hurts in your heart you have embraced and release the pain to Me, let Me take them away, My Son bore the pain within His own heart for you, so you need not carry it yourself, release the sorrows, the griefs, the sadness, and the dissapointments to Me."

"May Spirit shall heal you, mend your broken hearts, and give you My light to shine in your face again, so your eyes can behold Me, in the warmth of My Love for you.  I want to wipe away your tears so just a sparkle remains, so a smile shines from your face in the Light of My Love.  I am your Healer, saith the Lord, I am the One Who can restore hope for your future back to you, no one but I can do this for you, just look to Me."

"I can be seen in the clouds, in the heavens, and in the colors of My paintbrush that paints the sky.  I can be seen in the sunrise and sunsets, they show forth My glory.  I can be seen in the fires in the sky, in the brightness of My lightning and sounds of My thunder, I create, to water the Earth with life giving rains."

"I can be seen in the mighty trees of My glory, the mighty Sequoias and Redwoods that testify of My greatness.  I can be seen in the flowers of radiant beauty of colors that only I can create, to bring peace to your eyes and joy to your heart, their fragrances bring such life to your inner being."

"I can be seen in the grand bumble bee that flies gloriously, pollinating the flowers to reproduce food in the Earth.  I am in the kittens and puppies that grow, to be closest of friends, that release My unconditional love and acceptance for you, in your lonliness.  They are assigned by Me, to love and accept you, and with each look in their eyes, they see the Light inside you that I am present and joy in our Presence together brings them peace as well."

"Be at peace, My child, know I  am ever with you, I will complete all that concerns you and your family as I have promised.  Look to Me, I am your Family's Light, I light their way. I am their Hope! You must continue to trust Me. I am the Faithful One, and I will restore all that has been taken from you, only keep your eyes upon Me, look up and see Me in the stars, see Me in the lights of heaven, and hear Me, I speak from the mountains and the winds, they all proclaim I am King, I am God their Creator."

"Sit down in the presence of My creation and breathe in My Life, let My presence bring you refreshing from the turmoils in life and bring you strength to make it through another day.  Meet with Me in the cool of the day and I will refresh you again, saith the Lord."

"I will raise you up to overcome all the obstacles you face, and let you see from My perspective your situations in life, and you shall see they are actually small obstacles that can be easily rolled away.  You are going for the prize I have for you and you shall see that in My eyes you have already won the race!"

"Know in your hearts, you are here to show forth My Glory, My Honor, My Love, My Light, and My Peace to the darkness of the world.  Do not shrink back at the darkness before you, I have called you to go forth and boldly take steps of faith and the Light within you shall repell the darkness as you go forth in My Name and proclaim freedom for the captives, healing of the sick, salvation for the lost!"

"In My Name and in My Light, You shall raise your sparkling swords to the heavens and run out to the world and take back the land that was taken and shout with a victory shout, "Hail to King Jesus, Hail to King Jesus!  He is coming,  bow the knee, and pay reverence,  your King awaits your submission, He is come! He is come!  Make yourself ready, your Bridegroom comes !  Put on your wedding garments!"

"It is time for My people to fully submit to Me and receive My orders for them and with no holding back but boldly go forth into the fray and overtake, no fear of darkness allowed within the ranks of My Mighty Army but boldness like a lion and accompany Me and lets Roar together and the darkness shall expel at our coming!"

"Remember, dear one, I love you and am beholding your sweet face before Me and will never let you go!  Your here to show forth My glory in this Earth, My Light shall show forth through you and My Light shall draw multitudes to My Son, through you.  Stay faithful to Me , stay the course, I am leading You, trust Me, I will never disapoint, saith the Lord and God of your heart!"


Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Lovely One You Are That Bride

 "My Bride shall gather her garments and purify herself for Me.  Her eyes shall sparkle again.  She will dance again and raise her hands in praise to Me again, therein lies her freedom.  All chains shall fall.  My Bride will cleanse and purify herself and put on her wedding garments of white, without spot or wrinkle."

        "She will shine like the morning sun.  Her crown shall shimmer with the jewels of beauty upon her head.  Her hair shall glissen and frolich like young deer at play.  Her smile will show forth the peace and harmony that resides within all her parts.  She will reach out and touch and speak forth with the voice of love.  I can see her, now.  I see her.  She is beautiful.  Can you see her?   She is you, My lovely one, you are that Bride to Me."